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APHKHAZETİ Gürcistan Devlet Balet

Ata Sahne Sanatları ve Gösteri Merkezi
sunday, 20:00

The concert has been postponed to January 21, 2023. All previously purchased tickets are valid

Georgian State Ensemble APHKHAZETI with live choir and orchestra

APHKHAZETI is an unusual combination of Georgian dance, strongly rooted in this nation's

tradition, with contemporary choreography and music. It is a band with almost 100 years of

history, officially founded in 1931. The band constantly tours around the world, bringing

viewers closer to everything beautiful in Georgian culture - tradition, folklore and incredible


The war in Abkhazia and the subsequent Russian occupation of the entire region forced the

artists to move to Tbilisi in 1992. Despite the difficulties, APHKHAZETI retained its character,

skills and unique color!

APHKHAZETI is traditional fragments of Georgian music in a completely new version,

performed by a live orchestra. It also includes spectacular dances from various regions in

the interpretation of the legendary Bachana Chanturia!

The innovation was so groundbreaking that in the last two years the band performed in

many regions of Georgia, also giving concerts outside its borders. Ethnicity, ballet and

modernity - a delightful show never seen in Turkey!

Duration of the concert is 2 hours.