Distance Sales Agreement



1.1. SELLER:


Güzeloba Mah, Rauf GenktaŞ Cad. No; 56 / 102 MuratpaŞa / Antalya




Any individual or legal entity who agreed to this agreement during buying tickets on the site u-concert.com

Data that is collected:

- Name/Surname

- Address

- Phone

- Email


Subject matter of this contract is establishment of rights and obligations of the parties with respect to sale and delivery of the ticket with characteristics and selling price written below, ordered online by the CONSUMER from the website u-concert.com, in accordance with the provisions of Consumer Protection Law of Turkey.


3.1. The name, place and time of the concert is listed on the website u-concert.com. When "CONSUMER" choosing tickets (sector, row, seat), prices are indicated with VAT. Also, in the process of buying the methods of payment and delivery of tickets are indicated, which the "CONSUMER" must choose before buying. 

3.2. Mode of Payment: Advance Payment by Credit Card (Single Payment)

Payments are made by credit card in a single payment or by EFT/wire transfer. Your bank may allow payment in installments, installment deferment, etc. by organizing campaigns. Such campaigns are on your bank’s own initiative; and information on campaigns is provided on our website if they are within the knowledge of our company.

3.3. Return/Refund Procedure:

In the event that the CONSUMER exercises his/her right of withdrawal, or that ordered TICKET cannot be provided for various reasons, or that a refund to the CONSUMER is determined by decisions of arbitration committee, refund procedure depending on payment options are written below:

a) In the event that the CONSUMER purchased the TICKET by credit card in a single payment, refund will be made in a lump sum to his/her account. In the event that the CONSUMER purchased the TICKET by installment as allowed by the Bank, the Bank makes refund to the CONSUMER in installments depending on the number of installments arranged at the time of purchase. In the event of return of installment expenditures made via Bank POS terminals to the CONSUMER’s credit card after the SELLER pays the price of TICKET completely in a lump sum to the bank, refundable amounts claimed are transferred to the accounts of the relevant party by the Bank in installments in order to avoid unjust treatment to the parties.

b) Refund Procedure in case of Wire Transfer/EFT Payment Options

Refund shall be made by wire transfer and EFT to the account stated by the CONSUMER by requesting bank account details from the CONSUMER (it is required that the account is in the name of the person stated in the billing address or in the name of the user member). The SELLER shall refund the TICKET price to the Bank completely in a lump sum.

The CONSUMER accepts and undertakes that he/she has read and accepted these return/refund procedures.

3.4. Mode of Delivery and Address:

Delivery is made to the CONSUMER whose name and address are written above by email (E-TICKET). E-TICKET fee may vary and shall be added to total amount of order. It is not included in the price of ticket. Even if the CONSUMER  provided the wrong address when placing an order, our Company shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation completely. For this reason, the SELLER shall not be liable for any loss and expense arising from the CONSUMER’s late receipt of the ticket.


The CONSUMER is entitled to a refund in case of cancellation or postponement of the date of the event. The SELLER is obliged to notify by sending a letter to the CONSUMER's e-mail (specified when ordering) about the cancellation or postponement of the event. Refunds are possible within 14 days after the date of the canceled or rescheduled event.


5.1. The CONSUMER declares that he/she has read and been informed about the preliminary information on the TICKET under the contract on the website https://u-concert.com/ and that he/she has given necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

5.2. Tickets must be delivered no later than the day of the event. The site sends tickets automatically after payment to the specified mail when placing an order

5.3. If the CONSUMER has entered an incorrect e-mail address, the SELLER is not responsible for the non-delivery of the ticket

5.4. For delivery of the ticket under the contract, it is required that the price of this contract is paid by the method of payment preferred by the CONSUMER. If the ticket price is not paid or canceled in bank records for any reason, the SELLER shall be deemed to have been relieved from the obligation of delivery of the ticket.

5.5. In the event that the bank or financial institution concerned does not pay the TICKET price to the SELLER because credit card belonging to the CONSUMER is used unjustly or unlawfully by unauthorized parties without the CONSUMER’s fault after delivery of the ticket, the ticket can be canceled by the SELLER without compensation from the SELLER 


Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to Turkish Courts; and governing law shall be Turkish Law.

For disputes up to the value announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade annually, applicable within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, Provincial or District Consumer Arbitration Committees at the place where the CONSUMER’s transaction is performed or where the CONSUMER resides shall have jurisdiction; and for disputes above the said value, Consumer Courts at the place where the CONSUMER’s transaction is performed or where the CONSUMER resides shall have jurisdiction.

In the event of realization of the order, the CONSUMER shall be deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of this Contract.