Lord of the Sound Music is coming
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Lord of the Sound Music is coming

Kültürpark Atatürk Açıkhava Tiyatrosu
tuesday, 20:00

Today it is impossible to imagine a world without cinema and music. And cinema music can be considered a separate art. By the first chords, we recognize famous TV series and movies. Their combination immediately builds memories of our favorite characters in our minds. With their help, we move beyond the cinema and turn ourselves into characters in fantastic stories. And it seems that we will be able to replay famous scenes in our own way.

Only music can do this.

We invite you to find yourself in the wonderful world of "Music is coming", which was prepared for us by the legendary orchestra "Lords of the Sound".

If you are ready, the heroes from:

Game of Thrones

The Mandalorian



Harry Potter

The Witcher

The Lord of the Rings

Wonder Woman

The Chronicles of Narnia


Fantastic Beasts

Mad Max

Guardians of the Galaxy

Mortal Kombat

Star Wars


The Fifth Element

Pirates of the Caribbean

Two hours of unsurpassed magic from the orchestra, choir and talented soloists awaits you in May this year.