Tribute Show/Adriano Celentano Tribute Show
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Tribute Show/Adriano Celentano Tribute Show

Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi
monday, 20:00

Tribute show Adriano Celentano / Adriano Celentano Tribute Show

The Adriano Celentano Tribute Show concert in Izmir will take place at Adnan Saygun on September 25th, 2023, 20:00,

Despite the fact that there were many parodies and attempts to become similar, only one artist was able to do it masterfully, not feignedly and harmoniously - Adolfo Sebastiani.

Lui e gli amici del Re were born in February 2002. The leading goal of the team was the embodiment of Celentano's creativity.

The soloist of "Lui e gli amici del Re" - Adolfo Sebastiani has not only physical, but also a striking vocal resemblance to the great artist. Impeccably imitating his manners, thanks to his charisma and professional communication with the public, Adolfo Sebastiani became an unsurpassed imitator of his idol. The maestro himself, being present at one of the concerts “Lui e gli amici del Re”, said, looking at the stage: “It feels like there are two of us now!”

At their performances, the band members were able to achieve the perfect combination of show and music. They managed to revive the exciting atmosphere that reigned at the unforgettable concerts of the great Artist.

The world's best tribute show to Adriano Celentano!

Adriano Celentano has been rightfully considered the brightest world star for more than 50 years. Musician, film actor, pop singer, film director, composer, public figure and TV presenter. In Italy, for his manner of moving on stage, he received the nickname "Molleggiato" ("On the springs").

Celentano is one of the most successful and influential performers in the history of Italian music - throughout his career he has released forty-one studio albums with a total circulation of 150 million copies, and has also starred in more than forty films. For more than 10 years, Adriano has not been on tour outside of Italy, but let's not despair, because you can feel the magical energy and enjoy your favorite songs at the official Adriano Celentano tribute show with the participation of musicians of the great maestro!